Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parks and Recreation - Practice Date, or oh God, I'm so glad I'm not single

This week, Parks and Recreation finally got off their high horse and provided us with some down home comedy fun. Of course, it still poked some topical fun at political sex scandals in its secondary story.

The main event was Leslie getting ready for her first date with Policeman Dave. After her litany of terrible past first date incidents (sleeve fire, attempted tooth-pulling, him showing up with another woman), I was reminded why I am so glad to not be on the dating scene. My own experience combined with friends' hilariously bad first dates really made this episode resonate for me. Who hasn't worried that they'll accidentally pop Ambien instead of a Tic Tac and have to spend the night punching their own leg to stay awake? Okay, maybe not, but I think we've all had some wacky anxieties when it comes to dates.

Anyway, to get over her paralyzing fear, Leslie goes out on a practice date with Ann. After Ann realizes how terribly nervous Leslie is, she pulls out a psychological trick to show her that even if it goes as bad as you think it will, it still won't be that bad. Well, it works, and Leslie and Ann go out to a bar confident that the date will be a hit. Leslie is so self-assured that she shows up at Policeman Dave's house in the middle of the night completely wasted. For unclear reasons, Policeman Dave is cool with this, and still agrees to go out with her. Except, now that they've shared weird drunken time together, the dinner on Friday will now be their second date! Crisis averted by Leslie's bumbling! Hilarious.

The other story this week stemmed from a local politician who had a fourway in a cave in Brazil (I wish real life was that cool). The gang then decides to find out who has the most dirt in their past by doing recon on each other. Some hilarious tidbits come to life, especially that Tom's hot wife married him for a greencard, and the boss is secretly a jazz saxaphonist. One office worker, Greg, desperately does not want to play the game. Of course, all his secrets come out: he had plastic surgery, was arrested for public peeing, and is adopted (that one was a surprise to him as well).

I'm glad that the writers are lightening up on the "serious issues" episodes, and focusing more on the great characters they've crafted. Overall, I've been impressed this season, and I look forward to more shenanigans!

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