Monday, October 19, 2009

The Office - Mafia, or Meh-fia

Well, Oscar said it best: "Pam and Jim are on their honeymoon, so there's not the usual balance between sane and others."

This week, "the others" reigned supreme in the office, convincing Michael that an Italian-American insurance salesman was a mob enforcer come to shake down their little empire. Despite Oscar's best efforts, neither Pam nor Jim came to the rescue with rationalism, so wacky antics ensued. After deciding that they're being hit up by the mob, Michael, Dwight, and Andy go out to lunch (at an Italian restaurant, of course) with Mr. Grotti to determine his intentions. Michael becomes so scared of Mr. Grotti's perceived threats that he folds, and signs an expensive insurance plan so that the mob doesn't burn his warehouse down or drive one of his trucks off the road.

Michael is so upset about the new insurance plan, he calls Jim on his honeymoon in Puerto Rico for advice. In the only funny part of this episode, Jim pulls off the classic phone trick of pretending the phone is static-y and cutting out during the most important part of what he has to say. "All you're gonna need to-" Jim says, " then go to you'll be saved." Call ended. Brilliant. Even when Jim isn't there, he's still fantastic.

After a severe round of buyer's remorse, Dwight and Andy feel bad that they convinced Michael that Mr. "Grotti" was, in fact, a thin cover for a certain other infamous Italian name, and tell Michael that, after extensive research, they've determined he isn't a mobster, but a harmless salesman. Michael then rudely cancels his insurance, and makes some veiled threats of his own. Dwight and Andy reveal that they think Mr. Grotti is still a member of organized crime, so Michael is sure to be killed.

Also in the office, Kevin has discovered the joys of Jim's new office, and taken it as his own during Jim's vacation. When Jim's credit card company calls to verify his identity (because his card is being used in Central America), Kevin accidentally impersonates Jim and has the credit card cancelled.

So, with any hope, this will mean our heroes will be back soon, so they can level out the crazy.

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