Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House - The Tyrant, or Nooo, James Earl Jones is a genocidal dictator!

That's right, folks, you heard it here first: this week on House, James Earl Jones is an African warlord bent on the destruction of the Sutibi, a fictional ethnic group in a fictional African dictatorship. When James Earl Jones comes to America to speak at the UN, he's served a subpoena that makes him vomit blood. Yeah, that's what you get when you come to America, bitches!

Anyway, he's taken to the diagnostics team to figure out what's wrong. Foreman has been joined by Cameron and Chase, since Talb quit and Thirteen was fired. House is also back, up to his old tricks. They try all sorts of different procedures, each one not working, while each member of the team realizes just how bad this dude truly is. It becomes a Hippocratic Oath question of whether or not they can, in good conscience, treat someone who will most likely be responsible for the genocide of hundreds of thousands.

NO, you guys, NO. Do NOT treat the genocidal tyrant! Let him die, because he's a bad dude. There. Done. But no, they have to draw it out in this whole existential crisis, what does it mean to be a doctor bull crap for about thirty minutes. Ugh.

Meanwhile, House is having a feud with Wilson's downstairs neighbor because House is too loud, with the cane and all. The neighbor is a cranky old Vietnam war vet who lost his right hand. House goes on an amusing adventure, trying to prove that the guy's a faker, by determining that he has private (not veterans') insurance and proudly displays a Canadian flag on his wall. Turns out he did serve, with Canada, as part of the peace-treaty enforcing group that went over in the late 70's. None of this matters, really, except that House was wrong.

Of course, this cannot stand unrectified, so House pulls a Dexter and sticks the dude with a sedative then ties him up. However, he does not go the full Dexter and brutally murder him, but rather, uses some physical therapy tricks to get the dude to relax his (phantom) right hand, thus solving all the dude's anger issues. Problem solved!

Back at the hospital, they still haven't figured out what's wrong with old Dictator McGee, Foreman is all mopey because Thirteen's still mad at him, then the dude goes and dies. Dies! Without his case being solved! A-jigga-what? How can this be?

Turns out that Chase injected Tyrant McTyrant with someone else's blood to make it look like he had a disease that he really didn't have, so he then died when they carried out that treatment. Ooooh, sick burn! But then they had to ruin it by Chase being all sad and mopey about sort-of killing him. They even had to hammer it home by having Tyrant Jr. (in school at Princeton, conveniently) stop by and cry over poor old papa's dead corpse. Whatever. If you're ever going to medically kill a dude, this was the time. Stop bitching.

Maybe it's because I'm not as familiar with them (I started watching House only last season), but Cameron and Chase sort of bore me. They're all blond and happy, and have deep talks all the time. Blech. I really want Talb and Thirteen back, but that's looking like more and more of a long shot. Perhaps I will grow to love the blond twins, but in the interim, the only course of action is to mock them mercilessly.

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