Monday, October 12, 2009

Dexter - Blinded by the Light, or Batman Dexter!

Man, that Trinity Killer, huh? I always knew John Lithgow was a tricky one.

This week, Dexter's plate was a little less full, focusing mainly on finding that darned vandal in his neighborhood and tracking down the Trinity Killer. Apparently, the dark passenger has had his fill for right now.

First off, vandalism. After the community has banded together against broken windows, spray painted fences, and a car rolled into someone's yard, they form a neighborhood watch committee. This, of course, is highly inconvenient for Dexter, who relies on the cover of night to go about his dark business. He doesn't really care about the vandal, but he needs to find him so the neighbors will dismantle their neighborhood watch and high-beamed motion sensing lights. The obvious suspect is the no-good drum playing adolescent down the street, that Aster conveniently also has a crush on. This dude gives drummers a bad name, banging on anything he can get his hands on, all while using poor form. If nothing else, that guy deserve a Dexter beat down for that alone.

After Dexter ties the deadbeat's fingerprints on a discarded spray paint can to an empty soda can, it seems the case is closed. To convince him never to vandalize again, Dexter decides he'll dress up as a cat burglar and scare the living daylights out of him. Really, Dexter? You're not just going to use the hard evidence you gathered and tell your neighbors, so appropriate channels will be taken and justice served? You're going vigilante on this one? Well, okay.

Back at the station, everyone is still tracking the vacation murderer, as well as trying to solve the Lisa Bell case, and the new Trinity killing. Batista and LaGuerta concoct some wacky story to continue their forbidden liaison on company time, but end up almost getting shot by the suspect! Now they have to account for the lost time on their report. A flat tire, eh? We'll see how far that gets them.

With Lundy back, Debra is going through some weird angsty stuff about her relationship with Anton. Lundy's flirting with her, she's flirting back. This will not end well! Plus, don't you guys have a serial killer to catch?

Quinn also gives some attitude about stealing some money from a crime scene, saying he's not crooked, and Dexter doesn't understand, blah, blah, blah. He's also leaking information to that reporter he's seeing, which I'm sure will come back to bite him in the ass. Come to think of it, why is this guy not fired?

In Dexter world, after almost being mistaken as the vandal himself by the neighborhood watch (oops!), Dexter strikes out a different night, and takes it to the supposed vandal's house. But when Dexter breaks in to his room, the kid is asleep. Who could it be? Turns out it was his dad, Andy! You see, Andy's wife just died, he was laid off from his job, his son's a jerk, and the bank is about to take his house. So, Andy retaliated by harming his innocent neighbors' property. Dexter confronts him in Andy's garage and puts on an awesome Batman growly voice and tells him never to vandalize the neighborhood again. While Batman would never threaten to cut Andy's head off and stick it in a bag - "I already have the bag," Dexter says ominously - it's pretty effective. So, Andy and son will move out of town and the vandalism will stop.

But, in a final act of rage against the invasion of his privacy, Dexter breaks the high-beam security lights his next door neighbor has installed. Unbeknownst to Dex, Rita is standing behind him on their stoop watching him destroy his neighbor's property. It'll fun watching you talk your way out of this one, Dexter!

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