Saturday, October 17, 2009

Glee - Throwdown, or Baby Drizzle

What happens when you take militaristic discipline and team it with warm, curly-haired compassion? A pretty wonderful episode of Glee.

Granted, I was on a lot of cold medication at the time, but I was hooked from the slo-mo verbal joust sequence. And the bit about warring voice-overs? Self-referentially priceless.

This week, Sue Sylvester became co-chair of New Directions, and, to pit the kids against one another and destroy the club, she chose all the minority students to form a club within the club, called Sue's Kids. Let's just gloss over the fact that she doesn't choose Rachel, who is both Indian and Jewish, to be one of her minions.

In order to get back at her, Will goes into the trenches of psychological warfare and flunks all the Cheerios, with good reason. Best line of the episode, "She misspelled her name!" Sue flips out about the decimation of her cheer squad, and tries to blackmail the principal into firing Will. This does not work, and Sue is really mad.

In the land of teenagers, that creepy guy who's obsessed with Rachel apparently has a blog, and is about to out Quinn's pregnancy. The dude goes to Rachel for confirmation, and, in order for him not to run the story, Rachel gives him a pair of her panties. Gross, and definitely not high school appropriate. She tells Finn about it, and he promises to make it up to her. She swoons.

Finn's mind, however, is on more pressing issues. Specifically, he's taken up his fatherhood role with gusto, going to ultrasounds and suggesting baby names. Well, just one name, actually, but the best baby name of all time: Drizzle. Yep, like when it's only a little raining, but you don't need an umbrella. Oh, Finn. This puts Quinn in a tizzy, and she reiterates that she will be giving the baby up for adoption, and Finn has no say in the matter. Finn is sad.

So, without the minority students, Will is left with Rachel (inexplicably), Quinn, and Finn to sing "No Air". During their meager performance, Sue starts to leave in a huff, and the titular Throwdown begins. Sue accuses Will of having stupid hair, and Will accuses Sue of not caring about the children and being a bad teacher. All members of the club (minority and non) then walk out, refusing to be a part of such dysfunction.

For some unknown reason, this strikes a chord with Sue, who realizes that it's better if she steps down from New Directions, so they will grow, learn, and win at sectionals. "Because when I coach them, and they win, I win," she says, as though that explains everything. Yeah, what? When did her major objective not becoming destroying the glee club just for fun? It's unclear, but I think she still has something up her sleeve.

But, in a parting shot before her final exit from New Directions, Sue reveals that she knows Quinn is pregnant. How? During locker sweeps, she ran across Rachel's underthings in creepy dude's locker, who spilled the beans. Because she was so upset that Quinn hadn't come to her first, Sue told him to run the story.

Oooh, sick burn! So, now Quinn will finally get to wear some clothes other than that dopey cheerleading uniform, and will learn who her real friends are. My bet? The people in New Directions, and no one else.

P.S. There was also a sub-sub plot about Terri continuing her baby charade, and blackmailing her obstetrician to perform a fake ultrasound with Will in the room and reveal that the baby is actually a girl (because that's what Quinn's baby is). Will cried from happiness, and Terri continues to be a terrible person.

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