Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Office - Niagara, Parts 1 and 2, or Forever

Well, it's finally over - the one thing that kept me interested in The Office. No, I'm kidding, but it's a bold sitcom move to actually relent and have the two main love interests tie the knot. It usually signals the end of a series, as writers love to pull out the "will they or won't them" ad infinitum. But good for The Office, for actually following a semi-plausible love story to its foreseeable conclusion.

This week, we saw the whole office take a road trip up to Niagara to celebrate the nuptials of Pam and Jim. There were antics, of course, including Michael not having a room, Kevin wearing a hairpiece and losing his shoes, and Andy puncturing his scrotum. It was a maelstrom of stress for the happy couple, and everything culminated when Pam accidentally tore her veil. They'd had enough, and left the ceremony waiting for an hour until they returned. Then, the bridal party (and some of the guests) recreated the YouTube sensation of the summer.

Now, onto the specifics. First off, Pam's sister is played by none other than Ms. Sarah Newlin of True Blood. Delightful. Also, Oscar's indignation at the assumption that Kevin was Gil, his boyfriend, was hilarious for Oscar's over the top indignation. Andy's futile flirtation with Erin still continues, though they had a tender moment when Erin offered Andy her shawl to cushion his damaged scrotum.

Although there were moments of goofiness, the overall theme stuck with last week's insistence on lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey sappiness, especially Jim's rehearsal dinner speech. We all know you've loved Pam since you met her, Jim. Wouldn't it have been more interesting to show a few moments of doubt? Some true anxiety? Oh well. The most interesting part of the rehearsal dinner was Jim's spilling of the pregnancy beans in front of Pam's ultra-conservative Memaw. I was certain that the writers would go with the obvious choice of Michael blurting out something inappropriate (well, some else inappropriate, I should say), but I like that it was Jim's fault. Also, Michael's convincing Memaw to still come to the ceremony was equal parts adorable and manipulative. Let's see if they really name the baby Sylvia, or Sylvio.

I want to address the rip off of Jill and Kevin's wedding dance entrance. I can imagine the writers watching it over the summer and asking, "Will it be too soon? Will people be sick of this already? You know what, Michael wouldn't care, and neither do we." Although it didn't appear that Michael organized it, you know it's something he really loved. Finally, I was slightly confused by the closing montage. Did Jim and Pam go on the boat and get married before the ceremony or after? Why did they need to have two ceremonies at all, since I assume that after the dancing, they completed the wedding in the church? Oh well.

The obvious question throughout all of this is: what's next for Jim and Pam? Sure, The Office has had them living in domestic bliss for about a season, but marriage is a whole new ball game. Will Pam become shrewish? Will Jim become lazy? Will we even care? I submit that the last question will prove the most difficult for the writers, so let's see how they rise to the challenge.

P.S. Just so you all don't think I'm a heartless wench, yes, I did tear up a little bit during the dancing/Niagara Falls montage. They're just so beautiful! Jim and Pam forever!

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  1. Yeah! I totally had issues with the wedding! First they snuck off, but after being married on the boat they were soaking wet and when they arrived back at the church, completely dry and re-sheveled. I know resheveld isn't a word but on moment disheveled and wet the next moment. not.