Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dexter - Dex Takes a Vacation, or Cheating = Death

This week, Dexter reminded us what it was like when Dex was a loner - on his own schedule, able to play wicked cool mind games with killers, and being generally awesome. But at the end, we saw that Dexter really has changed, and is fully committed to his family.

The frame of the episode is that Rita and the kids are off to a vague relative's wedding, leaving Dexter alone for a precious 72 hours. He uses this time to stalk a female cop who killed her husband and young daughter. She set up the crime scene like a drug dealer had invaded her home looking for retribution, even shooting herself to make it seem more realistic. But, when Dexter uncovers the blue gloves she wore in her garbage disposal, he's convinced it was her.

But a twist! Zoe, the cop, realizes that Dexter is stalking her, and takes matters into her own hands. At first, Dexter is nervous, but then realizes that he can use her zeal for killing against her, luring her to his own house, then bringing the kill. While wrapped in cellophane, Zoe makes the standard plea that she's innocent, and then tries to rationalize her killing spree by saying that Dexter is just like her. He realizes in that moment that he truly does love his family, that they're more than a cover for his dark deeds, then stabs her. Beautiful.

Meanwhile, Deb and Lundy continue their awkward flirtation, all while poor, sweet Anton looks on sadly. Lundy actually has an encounter with Trinity, and Lundy takes note that he's sort of a weird dude. Deb and Lundy end up reigniting their affair, but as Deb makes her way to her car after the whoopie-making, an unknown assailant shoots them and takes Lundy's wallet, probably killing Lundy but leaving Deb seriously wounded.

End of episode.

Wow. So, first off, I realized this episode the folly of having the season's serial killer be a dude who only kills three people at a time. They're going to have to space this out a ton, especially after having the first two be killed within the first three episodes. Trinity has clearly staked out his next victim, which we saw this week, but how long can they have him wait to kill him before it gets boring? Then what - we just see the police trying to find him? Based on his MO, it looks like Trinity just skips down after the third kill, just to repeat it in a different city. Does this mean that we'll see Dex and the gang take the show on the road? Dexter: Tulsa? I'm pretty curious to see how they'll make this work for the rest of the season.

And seriously, Lundy is dead now?! Does this mean that Deb will pick up his mantle and take over the Trinity investigation? Also, Dexter writers gave us a pretty clear message on their view of cheating this week, that can be summed up as cheating = death. But if Lundy is actually dead, Deb may never have to fess up to her diversion and reconnect with Anton. We'll see, dear readers, we'll see.

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