Wednesday, September 23, 2009

True Blood Season 2 - A Retrospective

True Blood has, in my opinion, some of the most engaging, funny, and tragic characters currently on TV. So, to do justice to the season, I want to break down the best and worst moments for each character, as well as a possible glimpse into their futures. In no particular order…

Sookie Stackhouse
As always, Sookie spend the season either standing around watching other people do stuff, or fulfilling the whims of those around her. Waltz into what is clearly a trap? Sure! Suck Eric’s blood? Of course! The best moments for Sookie this season happened in Dallas, when she met her psychic best friend Barry and was also confronted with the possibility of becoming a vampire. Both of these shook up her fundamental beliefs about the world, and you can be that they’ll both be themes next year. Oh, that and trying to find Vampire Bill. More on that later. Bonus best moment: magic maenad lightning! Worst moment: anytime she just stands there and screams. Ugh, do something for once, Sookie!

Jason Stackhouse
Oh, Jason! Pretty much his entire tenure at the Fellowship of the Sun commune was golden. Aside from his amazing quotes, like “Evil is the premedicated decision to be a dick,” Jason suffered through many of the spiritual questions people face when thinking about their faith. Do I trust every tenet of my faith, or can I pick and choose what to believe? Can I trust my leadership? Do we hold the monopoly on truth, or is there room to compromise? In the end, the Newlins were charlatans who exploited a new and scary group, which is a pretty bleak message for the rest of us. But thank God for that paramilitary training – it really came in handy against the black-eyed zombies. NOT. Jason’s worst moment was that handjob in the tub. So awkward. What’s next for our favorite all state QB? Frankly, he’s an enigma. Within the reset button pushed on Bon Temps, he could easily go back to his drinking and philandering. Or maybe he’ll team up with Sook to find Vampire Bill?

Vampire Bill Compton
Bill didn’t do a whole lot this season. He defended Sookie, as always, and was a conduit for important expository information. For example: did you know that all beings wished themselves into existence? I didn’t, and neither did Vampire Bill. But now we both do. Still, I love him. Mostly for the flashbacks. Best moment: “Oh, I’ve read about maenads before.” Cue flashback book, flashback costume, flashback set, and flashback hair. Total time spent on that scene? Maybe two seconds. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Worst moment: the refrain: “Sucky is maaahne!” which occurred about once an episode. What’s next for Bill? The inside of a canvas bag, apparently. Badum-dum! But seriously, folks, I’m fairly certain that Eric stole him. “I’ll take care of him personally,” were Eric’s words. Yeah, he did, all right. There’s also a theory that it was Fellowship of the Sun. We’ll see!

Jessica and Hoyt
Best couple ever! I’ve been waiting for a juicy storyline for poor Hoyt after he was relegated to playing third fiddle behind Jason and Rene last season. He’s such a sweet boy, and Jessica turned out to be much better than her initial characterization in Season 1. But then everything was ruined was Jessica drank Mrs. Fortenberry’s blood. If I had a dime for every time that situation has ended a relationship…oh well. I predict that next season, Hoyt will try to win Jessica back from her slutty, trucker-drinking ways. Will he succeed, or will he be drained for his efforts? Stay tuned!

Shapeshifter Sam Merlotte
I haven’t cared about Sam since it became apparent that Sookie will always choose Vampire Bill over Shapeshifter Sam. But Alan Ball seems determined to make me care that he was abandoned by his parents, and track his adventures for self-discovery. Best moment: his heart-to-heart with Andy Belfleur in the meat locker, when it looked like it was the end of the road for them both. Worst moment: Daphne. I mean, I know Sam is good-hearted and na├»ve, but really? She had huge claw marks on her back, and it took him three episodes to ask about it. What’s next? Find his parents, learn about himself, blah, blah, blah. My bet is that they’re werewolves.

Eric Northman
After losing his mentor/lover? Godric, we saw the human side of Viking McViking this season. He cries! He laughs! He smiles! I will still always root for Vampire Bill for Sookie’s heart (figuratively and literally – hey-oh!), but I now see the appeal. I really hope Sookie doesn’t give it to the attraction that resulted from drinking his blood - sexual attraction, as Bill laboriously pointed out. We'll see if Sookie and Eric team up to rescue Vampire Bill, assuming he isn't the kidnapper. OR, he is the kidnapper, but pretends to help Sookie to lure her into his clutches.

As you can see, I could talk about True Blood all day, so post your favorite moments, character developments, and predictions for next season. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. My favorite overall arc remains Andy Belfleur's. After losing his badge and remaining scraps of dignity to alcoholism and an officious personality at the start of the season, Andy managed to become the first regular human to uncover Marianne's sinister plot by sheer virtue of not being invited to any of her Maenad orgies. By the season's end, he's been reinstated and is now shunned for being one of the only humans to remember Bontemps' dirty deeds. He's a living symbol of America's exiled conscience, stumbling around in the mud, looking for Mammon in our backyard even as we mock him. He also has my favorite accent of anyone on the show, pronouncing words like "pig" and "lime" with a minimum of four syllables. "I know that pig!" he insists, and behind our laughter, deep down, we know that pig too. For he is us.