Saturday, January 9, 2010

Glee - Sectionals, or What's Next?

Oh, Rachel!

Well, the cat's out of the bag on the paternity of the newest Fabray, thanks to Rachel's misguided sense of morality. She ferreted out the truth with a well-placed suggestion of Tay-Sachs Disease, and Puck continued his sort-of-trying-to-be-a-dad thing by agreeing to have the screening, but not that night, because he has to go to Fight Club. Puck! Remember the first rule of Fight Club! Duh!

Anyway, Quinn finds out after Rachel blabs, and with the lead male out of the gang, the hill to Sectionals glory just got a lot steeper. Way to go, Rach.

On the up side, Emma has stepped up to chauffeur the kids to Sectionals, much to Ken's chagrin. Just another instance of Emma choosing Will over him. After recruiting Journalist Jacob to be the 12th member of the club, the team arrives at Sectionals and re-meet up with the reform school ladies and the Haverbrook folks. But there'll be no John Lennon singalongs this time, as the schools and their faculty advisors are in it to win it. While watching the other two schools perform, they realize that the other two schools have stolen their set list, and freak out (understandably). They can't perform all the same numbers the judges just saw, so what will they do?

Emma alerts Will to the situation - "Artie keeps ramming himself against the wall!" - and he takes the reins. After having an impotent run-in with Sue, Will persuades Finn to step up and show some leadership. Finn steals/borrows Will's car and races to Sectionals. There, he miraculously re-forms the set list and leads the team to glory with "You Can't Always Get What you Want" (unsubtly suggested by Will) and Rachel's rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade". Magical.

After a tense judge deliberation with a sweet cameo from the girl that played Sarah on True Blood, they come to the obvious conclusion that the McKinley High belters are the best. Hooray! More New Directions!

So, everyone's a winner now, and Will looks to celebrate by attending Emma's nuptials with Ken. On the way, Terri makes one last ditch effort to wile Will back, but he shoots her down. Bam!

Speaking of being shot down, it looks like Terri isn't the only one. Ken left Emma at the aisle, leaving her stranded at the most depressing VFW reception ever. Emma confesses her feelings for Will, tells him she's resigning, and he is completely awkward and unhelpful about it. Way to go, Will.

Will also informs Principal Figgins about Sue's bad behavior, and he makes the surprise choice of suspending her! Shock! Sue takes in stride, promising to exact retribution on all those who have done her wrong. But mostly Will.

Just when you think that'll be the end to this half-season, the kids surprise Will with a Kelly Clarkson tribute, "My Life Would Suck Without You". Okay, I had a few issues with this number. Let's talk about it:

First off, the choice of song was a bit strange. I've always found the message of this particular number a little mixed. It's basically a description of some guy who really treats this girl badly, but she keeps taking him back. Why? Because they "belong together". I don't know about this. Also, there have been constant criticisms of Glee's over-autotuning of its performers, who have naturally wonderful voices all on their own. It's never bothered me, but the chorus especially seemed almost entirely computer generated. Next, the choreography. Specifically, the little interlude where the girls crouched down and slapped their inner thighs. What?! Inappropriate, especially considering they were all wearing miniskirts, and that they're, what, 16? I don't know about this, Glee. Finally, there was the big finale where Will slow-mo races to find Emma, finally realizing that she's awesome, and plants a sloppy one right on her kisser. I actually kind of loved that part.

So, now we have to wait until April (I think?) to see what happens with these crazy kids. I just want to point out that it was a huge oversight to have Eve guest star for not one, but two, episodes, and not make use of her fantastic voice. Maybe she'll be back for Regionals? And now that Terri is newly single, will she still want little baby Fabray-Puckerman? My gut says no, which makes things more complicated for the still-homeless Quinn. Also, I imagine Finn will be kicking her out, leaving her where? To shack up with Puck? Something tells me that the mother who thought Puck was just as bad as the Nazis for not dating a Jewish girl won't put up with a shiksa intruder into her home. But who knows? Maybe she'll be really cool about it? And what about Quinn? Finally single, will he start up with Rachel? Will her neuroses drive him to the hills? So many questions, and now we have 4 months to sit and brood about the answers! Let me know your thoughts on the upcoming second half of the season. Until then, I'll be repeatedly listening to Glee, Volumes 1 and 2 on my iPod in anticipation.

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